Merial’s Best in Class Dairy website,, features a training module, which is part of a new comprehensive educational initiative. The new website and training module provide dairies access to valuable information and educational tools to help ensure healthy cows, the highest standard of milk and profitable operations. The web-based audiovisual training module, which addresses pre- and post-milking procedures, is the first in a series of training modules that will be offered to dairy operation workers through this site.

“We believe milk quality begins with well-trained milking staff, and our goal is to see workers expand their knowledge base, implement what they have learned and witness firsthand the dramatic difference that even the smallest changes can make,” says Steve Vandeberg, director, Cattle Endectocides, Merial. “A worker’s understanding of best management practices and procedures is critical to the productivity and profitability of every dairy operation.

“To help producers achieve an optimal bottom line, enhance efficiency and improve milk quality, Merial is committed to providing convenient, easy-to-use training materials that focus on timely, relevant topics. All materials will be available in both English and Spanish.”

Employees can access the training module at any time, which allows them the opportunity to read and review the information at their own pace. The quiz that follows the video keeps the employee engaged and helps ensure an accurate understanding of the training information.

The online training program also enables managers to track the progress and test scores of their workers, thereby identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Managers can then make informed decisions about training needs based on individual testing results. This makes the operation, as well as the workers, more productive.


Other training modules – “Mastitis 101” and “Dairy as a Profit Center” – are slated to be added in the next few months, with both offered in English and Spanish. Additional training modules will follow in the second half of 2011. New elements, such as a text-to-audio function, will also be available for those who prefer to listen to the information and quiz questions (English version only).

Producers can get more information about the Best in Class Dairies program by contacting their Merial sales representative or visiting the site. PD

—From Merial news release