Emily ShawSocial media: Dairy Girl Fitness
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Located in Gainesville, Florida

How did you get started sharing your farming journey on social media?

I started Dairy Girl Fitness in March of 2018 as my way to combine my passions of health/fitness and dairy. I grew up playing sports and involved in the dairy industry, and my passions blossomed from there. I wanted to show more people that you can consume dairy and meat in a healthy, well-balanced diet – and I wanted to walk the walk and show that through my own health and fitness journey. Also, I know so many women feel lost and overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to their health, and I started Dairy Girl Fitness to help more women feel empowered and confident with their health, fitness and nutrition. To show that you can reach your goals, while having some fun in the process.


How did you build such a strong following on your Facebook/Instagram page?

I have been able to grow Dairy Girl Fitness over the years through providing value, entertainment and being myself. It’s also incredibly important to be authentic and build trust with your audience. You will never be everyone’s cup of tea, but when you post about what you care about and are true to that, the right people will fall into your audience and stick around. I try to provide more information on social media that makes health feel less overwhelming and gives more insight into animal agriculture – along with making some funny videos for laughs along the way.

Emily Shaw

On which social media platform are you most active?

I have consistently been most active on Instagram, but I have become more active on TikTok recently as well. TikTok is a platform that is growing very fast, and can reach a wide range of people.

What is the most popular post you’ve ever made?

I’ve had a few TikToks hit 2-plus-million views, but they were about my dog or getting engaged. But more so about agriculture – I had a post in February 2021 about animal activists and privilege that was shared close to 800 times and reached over 35,000 people. And one of my reels calling out agriculture myths reached over 121,000 people on Instagram as well.

Can you share an example of a rewarding experience you’ve had using social media to communicate about your life in the dairy industry?

One of the most rewarding experiences about sharing more about dairy on social media has been when women reach out to me that they started drinking milk again because my of my page/posts. A lot of influencers and trainers in the fitness space talk down about dairy, which is why I think it’s so important to continue spreading the information about how nutritious dairy is – so more people feel confident consuming it.

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