Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and it’s a great time to express your love to your sweetheart. It’s also a great time to express your love to your children. I know my wife and children are my special valentines. I love them so much, and I can’t imagine life without them. They are such a great, great blessing in my life. And since they are, I try to show my love to them every day. I am a very blessed man to have such a wonderful wife and children.

Tom Heck, his wife, Joanne, and their two children own and operate a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Ord...

All of the above that I just said is true, and what I’m going to say next is also true and very sad. I’ve seen so many broken marriages and homes over the years. I’ve seen men marry women and promise to love them and be faithful and true to them all the rest of their lives. But then down the road, they start living for self, oftentimes for their own pleasure and entertainment. Or, they try to grow a big farm or business and make a lot of money.

The wife and children suffer, and oftentimes, the marriage ends tragically in divorce. God never meant it to be this way. If the marriage and home were built on God’s ways, this would never happen. I’ve been on farms with the man there running the farm with hired help, and the wife and children are gone. And it sure shows. The men may be making a lot of money, but they’re sure not very happy. There’s a lot more to life than making a lot of money or having a large farm to your name.

God made marriage and He made it good. He made it to be a great blessing for both male and female. I’m so blessed of the Lord to be married to my wonderful wife. Too many times, we take our spouses for granted. This is not a good thing to do.

Like growing a good crop of corn, we need to work on growing good marriages and homes. There needs to be mercy and forgiveness along the way; none of us are perfect. Love forgives and lifts up. A little love goes a long way. Love gives; it doesn’t demand its own way.


If there was more love in the world today, there wouldn’t be as many divorces, suicides, and broken homes and lives. There wouldn’t be nearly as many wars and killings in the world either.

A gift of roses and/or candy is really nice for your wife on Valentine’s Day, but loving words and actions throughout the year are much more important. Although, the candy and roses are very good. When your sweetheart is hurting, put your arm around her and listen to her. Pray with her and for her.

Things get old and break down, but God’s love doesn’t. Neither should ours. Our love should continue to grow and flourish. Our words should bless and encourage those around us, not tear them down. Harsh words kill. The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Proverbs 18:21 KJV). So bless your spouse, your children and those around you, and you’ll be amazed how blessed you are in return. And husbands, don’t forget the candy, flowers and a few choice loving words on Valentine’s Day.