As we look at the news stories coming in from around the world, we must admit things don’t look good. We see great earthquakes that are killing thousands of people and causing great destruction. We see hurricanes, tornadoes and great storms that are killing people and causing great property damage, leaving many homeless. We see much flooding which is killing even more people and causing even more destruction. We see great droughts, which are cutting food production around the world, causing more starvation and death. Then, there are the riots and political unrest in so many countries around the world. Top that off with the wars going on and the growing threat of major wars down the road.

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All of this moves our hearts, and we pray for those affected by these calamities. It is hard to see so many dead people and those left behind suffering. I would like to say, like many people do, that things are going to get better. But I know they will not; they are only going to get worse, much worse. Why do I say this? Because God’s holy word, the Bible, says so. If there has ever been a time when men have been lovers of pleasure, money and self, it is now. Jesus said in the last days, it would be so.

God, who knows all things, has warned us of what is coming to this Earth soon. As I read my Bible, in the book of Revelation, God lays out a terrifying picture of what is to come on our planet. As the days go by, Revelation is coming into much clearer focus.

As our nation and the nations of the world go more and more against God and His ways, judgment will continue to come, and calamities will increase greatly. More sin brings more trouble and problems. When a nation throws God’s commandments in the garbage and tramples them underfoot, and goes into all kinds of sin and perversion, a holy, just God cannot step aside and let it go unchecked. A loving, merciful God will not step aside and let people go to Hell. He will do everything within His power to wake such people up and get them to repent and turn to Him.

It is a terrifying thing, when a nation that was founded by God, and so blessed by Him, turns so against Him and His ways. Judgment has to come. No matter how great a nation is, it is doomed if it turns its back on God and tramples His ways and His word underfoot. God will not sit back; God will not be mocked.


So what do we do? Where does this leave us? We must look to God and follow Him with all of our hearts. It won’t be easy going. The scriptures tell us that things will continue to escalate. We are not to walk in fear, but to look to Him and trust Him. We must continue to do the work He has called us to do. We must be faithful to Him, and He will most certainly be faithful and loving to see us through. He has said, “… I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” (Hebrews 13:5, KJV)

If you do not know the Lord, pray and give Him your life. He will forgive you and guide you in the way you should go. Will it be easy? No. But, with the Lord’s help, you can make it. He will be faithful to see you through. He loves you and has promised, “… I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20, KJV)