I knew the persistence of the American farmer would finally pay off. Through the efforts of farmers on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, along with lobbyists and people who consider themselves ag-tivists, we have changed the agricultural outlook.
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Who knew it could happen, but the powers that be have made some staggering revisions. Word on the street is: The price of milk, starting in June, will be $35 per hundredweight (cwt) – and that will be the new base price indefinitely. Along with that, only whole milk will be offered in our government-run schools. No more of that watered down 2 percent and skim milk for our kids.

I tell ya, these farmers on TikTok have done their job. Apparently, the “country-of-origin label” will be mandatory on everything consumers eat, from Spam and hotdogs to every product or dish sold at grocery stores, restaurants and steakhouses in America. Only protein grown and raised in the U.S. will be allowed to be consumed in the U.S. And all this will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023. Normally, I’m not a fan of government regulations, but this one I kinda like. I’m so happy my checkoff dollars have paid off.

In other great happenings, corn ethanol is on the rise, along with the re-opening of the Keystone pipeline and other oil-drilling sites around the country. They’ve decided to let ethanol and domestic oil coincide and let the free market decide the price of fuels. So we will actually be energy independent again.

I think Mike Lindell from My Pillow was helpful in this next issue. “Made in America” is coming back as well. I guess looking at “country of origin label” will be the same in manufacturing. Tax breaks for companies buying their goods made here in the U.S. will be huge. Chemicals, fertilizers, lumber, metals, plastics, electronics, pharmaceuticals and especially the famous microchips will all be made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


There hasn’t been much change on the political front. But what I did hear is: There will be a “daily ticker tape” online and on the nightly news channels which shows how the federal and state governments spend our tax dollars on a daily basis. It’s an actual live accounting and balance sheet for us all to see. Since we as taxpayers have to account for how we spent our money every April 15, the government has decided to return the favor.

I’ve wanted this for years but, starting in 2023, all politicians now have term limits. Just like the president, no one shall hold office longer than two terms.

I don’t have time to go into the rest of the news, but basically Covid is over and April Fools!  end mark

PHOTO: Courtesy of Tim Moffett.

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