[Podcast] Annual Idaho ag financial report, Scott Bennett Farms (Grandview), sugarbeet root pits and Idaho’s only farrier school

In today’s podcast, we’ll bring you a full report of the financial condition of Idaho agriculture, a look into forging professional farriers, and finding out what a sugarbeet root pit can tell us. And there’s a sunflower seed farm near Grand View that schedules a lot of time for workers walking the neighbors’ ditch banks – we’ll learn why. Stick around for these and other stories in this week’s podcast.

Season 1, Episode 3

Here’s a breakdown of the magazine articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Did you know: one of every eight jobs in the state is related to agriculture? In this annual report The financial condition of Idaho ag: 2020 University of Idaho Extension Economists Ben Eborn and Garth Taylor bring us up to date on how Idaho farms fared in the government payments for COVID-19 relief, and they compare net farm profits with previous years. They also look at the impact agriculture has on Idaho’s business economy.
  2. Today’s agricultural markets are difficult, and it’s more important than ever to “face the sun,” forage ahead, look for opportunities and tie it up with a contract if you can. Scott Bennett Farms in Grand View is doing just that with sunflower seed production.
  3. Our next article helps us see what lies below the soil surface. Clarke Alder, a research agronomist with Amalgamated Sugar Co., dug some sugarbeet root pits throughout southern Idaho to take a look at root development, depth, soil types, water infiltration and soil structure. The root pits turned out to be not just a soil opener – but an eye opener.
  4. Do you have any idea how much the horse industry directly or indirectly brings to the state economy? We don’t often think of horses as being part of the livestock industry in Idaho. While feed supplies and farrier services bring in the lion’s share of business, we’ll share another side – the farrier’s story – and highlight Idaho’s only farrier school.

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