[Podcast] Automatic teat sprayer development, Idaho’s Hispanic agricultural employee survey and The last woman in America still wearing nylons

Season 2, Episode 4

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Idaho-based leader fills the cow tech gap between OEMs and on-farm needs – Editor Walt Cooley visits with Automated Dairy about their automatic teat sprayer for the dairy parlor.
  2. Money doesn’t always matter – Freelancer Kimberly Williams Brackett brings you the results of Idaho’s Hispanic agricultural employee survey, highlighting what’s important to this sector of the work force.
  3. Humor columnist and farmer’s wife Michele Coleman says her later years are shaping up to be geared more toward “living relic” than “vintage.” She missed the memo about current trends, makes her own pie filling without posting about it on Instagram, and is only followed by her dog Molly.

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