[Podcast] C&L Locker, J3 Dairy, shipping fever and Wipe Your Feet columnist Michele Coleman

Season 1, Episode 17

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. C & L Locker: Sam and Lauren Hunt had a goal: Breed it, butcher it and see it on a plate. In 2010 Hunts bought the local butcher shop business near Moscow and almost immediately had trouble keeping up with consumer demand. So, they expanded their personal herd to fill the gaps. Their background in beef production and genetics helps give consumers what they’re looking for – a local product with good-tasting and well-cared-for animals.
  2. J3 Dairy: There are still pioneers in the ag industry – people who never grew up in agriculture, but at some point jumped in with both feet. Jeff Lund at J3 Dairy is one of those pioneers. Today, he and his two sons are still optimistic about the dairy industry and hope to expand further.
  3. Shipping Fever: As cattle are shipped in the fall, stress for the animal ramps up and depresses their immunity from common ailments like BRD and pneumonia. With pre-conditioning and management, however, producers can help mitigate the stress of the season. University of Idaho extension educator Meranda Small shares how.
  4. Chickens and owls: Just as owls and chickens run on different activity clocks, so do members of the Coleman family, resulting in a few who like to crow about getting up early and others who start a batch of pickles at 11 p.m. It’s a challenge to get a farm to run when everyone is on a different clock.

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