[Podcast] Farm trash, Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef Co-op, Grain Craft, and Hoosiers and Pea Eye

Season 1, Episode 18

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Like the rare kid that organizes his holiday candy into size, color and flavor piles, I’m sure there are a few rare farmers and ranchers out there who also organize – but most of us do not. We use the packrat and boneyard system. But we’re not alone – even NASA has satellite junk. Editor Lynn Jaynes reminds us this month to be thankful – even for our farm trash.
  2. Co-ops have been around a long time, but co-ops for beef production are a more recent development. Let’s look at 25 ranchers from four states who have come together to produce a consistent supply of grass-fed beef marketed directly to consumers. They call themselves Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef Co-op.
  3. 1.7 million pounds of flour per day is what Grain Craft mills in its Blackfoot facility. This family-owned company contributes to your daily food intake without you hardly recognizing their contribution to dinner rolls, tortillas, pizza dough, noodles and breakfast cereals.
  4. Success doesn’t look the same for everyone, and everyone sets goals a little differently. But humor columnist Paul Marchant encourages everyone from basketball players to sale-topping cattle breeders to just aim to do their best – however they define it.

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