[Podcast] Farm trucks, a bison ranch, reasons for not growing cover crops, and the common language of calving

Season 1, Episode 11

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. It needs new tires, it doesn’t break out of second gear, and it’s really only used to haul water to the cows, so it’s classified as a farm truck, right? That’s where the Department of Transportation gets involved – and you need to know your limits. This article breaks it down for you.
  2. Every producer would like more control over market prices. A few, like Dan Shoemaker in New Plymouth, Idaho, have found a way to produce a meat product and still control the market – with bison production. Here’s his story.
  3. Could you name the top five reasons producers are not using cover crops? Is the problem with the system or growing them, or is the problem with the grower? Idaho extension staff looked into this question and came up with the most common responses.
  4. Wipe your feet: You’d think having a husband, a wife and a doctor in the same room birthing a child while speaking the same language would be a good thing. But if that language is “cows calving” then all bets are off. Columnist Michele Coleman recounts the complexities this “common language” brings to the birthing room.

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