[Podcast] Farmer Mike Wilkins, Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Association, market historical trends and “Shoeboxes and coffee cans”

Season 2, Episode 14

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Our feature spotlight today is from Minidoka County where Mike Wilkins farms with his family. Of all the jobs on the farm, Wilkins says his favorite is operating the sugarbeet digger. Freelancer Julia McCarthy tells us his story.
  2. As water becomes ever more valuable to Idaho, a group of ag producers consistently evaluate proposed increases to help legislators, the public and the Public Utilities Commission understand what’s at stake for irrigators. Learn more about the Idaho Irrigation Pumpers Association.
  3. Our next guest knows all things market related – Clark Johnston. Well, he’d probably argue that he doesn’t know ALL things, but studying historical trends can certainly inform tomorrows choices – in any market. The real difficulty, Clark says, is remaining calm through turbulent times.
  4. “Shoeboxes and coffee cans” pretty well sums up humorist Michele Coleman’s column. Where else would you find a pinewood derby car pushed up against two gift cards to the local farm supply store and business cards from tractor salesmen but a farmer’s pocket and keepsake cleanout?

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