[Podcast] Heat affects pregnancy rates, a new invasive insect, and “Could I have been wrong?”

Season 2, Episode 1

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. John Hall, University of Idaho professor and beef extension specialist says, “Through visits with veterinarians and ranchers, it appears most herds have 3 to 10 percent more open cows.” Hall discusses the impacts of the hot and dry summer with freelancer Kimberly Williams Brackett in this next article.
  2. What has a long, hard-to-pronounce Latin name and fits on a dime? It’s a new invasive insect (or new to Idaho) discovered near Mountain Home in 2021. Extension educator Brad Stokes tells us what’s in store.
  3. Paul Marchant discovers a lot of things on his ranch – a lot of things about himself and life and what could or should have been done differently. Today he shares a lesson that happened 45 miles from his home, when he discovered a three-quarter-ton Ford pickup can break through swampy salt grass sod about as quickly as a sick cow.

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