[Podcast] Not burned out yet, weeds are coming for their pound of milk, Trail Family Farms, Irons in the Fire – Zebra Dun

Season 1, Episode 8

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast episode:

  1. Drastic culling and drastic rebuilding seem to be the winning strategy for Jim and Patricia Castle. Their ranch has survived drought and wildfire, but they still love it and have managed to grow it.
  2. While weeds usually don’t “hurt” an animal that eats them, they stand in the way of other nutrient intake. Here’s why weeds are coming for their pound of milk.
  3. Trail Family Farms shares their farm management strategy, and the changes they’ve undergone in the last few years.
  4. Have you ever noticed how there’s still a tendency to “circle the wagons” whenever someone attacks agriculture or your way of life? In this month’s Irons in the Fire column, Paul Marchant likens this plight to a horse called Zebra Dun.

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