[Podcast] Parlor to retail, the art of farm taxes, CREP, and All the glory ends up on the laundry room floor

Season 1, Episode 19

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast

  1. Parlor to retail: Dairies owners around the state sat on a panel to talk about their shift from the milking parlor to processing and marketing directly to consumers. They share with us the pitfalls, struggles and rewards of such a move in this next article.
  2. The art of farm taxes: Certified public accountant Doug Lincoln says, “… I consider it one of the worst planning mistakes to pay no taxes at all in a year.” And he’s directing his remarks specifically to farmers and ranchers.
  3. One program that is often overlooked in risk management is CREP, or Conservation Reserve Program, and it can be especially beneficial in drought years. Extension education Terrell Sorensen walks us through the highlights of that program.
  4. Wipe your feet: Farm wife and mom Michele Coleman has to look no farther than her laundry room door to figure out what the kids have been up to. Hay – that’s what they’ve been up to – pockets and pockets of hay.

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