[Podcast] Planting technology, Jorgensen’s spuds, grain bin upkeep and “A whole lot of bull”

Season 1, Episode 5

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this March 2021 issue:

  1. Our first highlight covers planting technology – its costs, benefits and drawbacks. Three producers from Wilder, Declo and Rupert share with us their equipment upgrades and planting strategies, their struggles and experiences.
  2. In this article, Terry, Keith and Bryan Jorgensen talk about the seed potato and fresh-pack potato business on their operation near Grace. The farm-to-plate sector may have the greatest opportunities moving forward, they say, and Jorgensens tell us a little about that journey.
  3. I know, in March you’re not really thinking about your grain bins – you have the planter being calibrated, the tractors getting serviced and are even thinking about that first hay chopping. But don’t overlook the grain bins. Here’s a reminder of the off-season maintenance that needs to happen.
  4. Humor columnist Michele Coleman says families should agree on a lot of things – where to live, how much to save, where to roast the hot dogs in summer, for instance. But every late-winter bull sale season a small explosion ignites in the Coleman household as the family divides and takes sides – regarding breed type, affordable bids, and acceptable birth weights.

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