[Podcast] Rural connectivity, a meat ministry in Salmon, and Michele Coleman’s Christmas list

Season 1, Episode 20

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Rural Connectivity: How’s Idaho coming with broadband internet, cell phone use and connectivity? This 2021 survey found mobile computer counterparts becoming more popular, such as smartphones and tablets, and Idaho use is higher than the national rate.
  2. A Meat Ministry: When a community comes together and each member offers a service or part, many lives can be affected for good. In Salmon, Idaho, state agencies, community members, churches and businesses came together to provide meat to those in need. Here’s their story.
  3. A Farm Wife’s Christmas List: Gift giving for the farm and ranch wife is very complicated. The perfect gift just might be to NOT track mud in the door for a whole year, or a promise to NOT put wet towels in the clothes hamper. Beyond that, your expectations should be low, advises humor columnist Michele Coleman.

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