[Podcast] RVs on the farm, county fairs and Lava Lake Land & Livestock

Season 1, Episode 12

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Brian and Kathleen Bean weren’t born into the sheep business, but they adopted it after a 30-year career in the Marine Corp and moved to Hailey, Idaho. But, like many producers these days, they found costs rising and decided to go after the specialty markets – grass-fed and grass-finished lamb – at a time when grazing allotments had seen a lot of changes.
  2. The shutdown of tourism in 2020 led some farms to get really creative in generating income. For some, this included opening up their farms to overnight RV camping. As varied as bed-and-breakfast facilities, each farm has different amenities and platforms, but all have a few things in common now – extra income and lots of new acquaintances.
  3. Few activities and competitions teach the life lessons that livestock projects can teach at the county fair. Where else will they halter-break steers, feed them, doctor them, cuss them, show them, lose with them, win with them, and then lead them onto a truck headed to the kill plant? Paul Marchant shares his perspective in this article of Irons in the Fire.

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