[Podcast] Sample of what is to come

This is our sample episode to give you a taste of what is to come in future episodes of this podcast and content has been selected from the December 2020 edition of Ag Proud – Idaho.

In today’s podcast, we’ll bring you a look inside a mint farm in Wilder, see what’s going on in the milk processing world and find out what 12 cameras with 4,000 images per camera are telling researchers about cattle and wildlife grazing habits.

Season 1, Episode 2

Here’s a breakdown of the magazine articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. The first article today is titled: The flavor of Christmas at Christensen Farms. During this Christmas season at some point, you’ll enjoy a peppermint hard candy or peppermint-laced drink. And all year long, you’ll chew spearmint gum and brush your teeth with mint-flavored toothpaste. In all cases, that flavoring likely came from Idaho’s back yard. Editor Lynn Jaynes met with mint farmers in Wilder to give you a look inside their mint operation. Read by Will Jaynes.
  2. In the next article, representatives from Idaho Milk Products, Agropur and Gossner Foods talked to our Freelancer Julia McCarthy, about their journeys through weak dairy markets but also their optimism about the progress within the milk processing community. Read by Carrie Veselka.
  3. Our next article, titled Putting Science Behind Riparian Grazing, is about Rinker Rock Creek Ranch in the Wood River Valley. This ranch is the site of several research projects involving livestock and rangeland. Melinda Ellison, range livestock specialist with the University of Idaho, is studying wildlife and livestock use of riparian areas. In this article, freelance writer Heather Smith-Thomas visited with Ellison about her findings. Read by Will Jaynes.
  4. Put your cell phone on silence for this one – you’ll want to hear every word as columnist Michele Coleman highlights the age-old farm house dilemma of “this house is cold” (which is likely just what the first cave woman said to the first cave man and has been repeated in every household since). Read by Carrie Veselka.

Thanks for joining us at Ag Proud Idaho with your host, Ray Merritt. We’d like to thank today’s readers, Will Jaynes and Carrie Veselka, and remind you that there are more great articles in this month’s print issue of Ag Proud – Idaho, which is sent to more than 11,000 farmers, ranchers, dairy producers and ag professionals across Idaho.

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