[Podcast] Steinmann seed potatoes, negotiation in agriculture, and apple pie and donkey basketball

Season 1, Episode 15

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. You know if you eat a French fry where that potato came from – of course you do – Idaho. But where do those purple, gold, red and black potatoes come from? And the funny shaped ones? And the ones bagged in the garden store for spring planting? Freelancer Heather Smith Thomas will introduce you to one of Idaho’s own niche potato market growers: Steinmann Seed Potatoes.
  2. The game “rock, paper, scissors” has probably settled its share of disagreements, but it has little efficacy on negotiations when it comes to ag contracts. University of Idaho Extension Economist Ashlee Westerhold shares three questions to ask yourself before negotiating that contract.
  3. FFA donkey basketball and dessert auctions share the stage of columnist Michele Coleman’s world, as she shares why her humble apple pie hit the sweet spot of the fundraising auction.

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