[Podcast] Telford farms, grazing research and weed resistance

Season 1, Episode 7

Here’s a breakdown of the features included in this podcast:

  1. “I’ve been broke a couple of times, but I’m still here,” says Mike Telford. In this grower spotlight, author Ellie Dalton asks the Telford family about the ups and downs and ins and outs of potato farming. Few folks like to talk about the hard times, but Mike Telford feels differently. Those hard times are what made him stretch and grow. And his main crop wasn’t potatoes anyway – it was family.
  2. When the University of Idaho acquired Rinker Rock Creek Ranch, researchers jumped at the chance to study grazing on the sagebrush steppe, and compare that to irrigated pasture production. Now, five years into their research, they’re asking producers what data would be most helpful to pinpoint.
  3. You’ve sprayed it, you’ve whacked it and you’ve stomped on it but still it grows. What is that weed? And how in the blazes do we get rid of it? We sprayed our way into this problem, but we can’t spray our way out. In this next article, the University of Idaho Extension Weed Management Specialist gives us some insight into that problem.
  4. Popular columnist Michele Coleman shares her cycle of self-destruction on the farm – it’s called chicken raising. We hate it, we can’t abide it, we dread it – but we do it. And this is why.

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