[Podcast] Tuff-bilt tractors, Ag stress and mental health, God’s tender mercies

Season 2, Episode 3

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

  1. Farming in developing countries around the world is linked directly to Idaho through Christensen Machine Inc. in Heyburn. CMI is where Tuff-bilt tractors are manufactured, and these are modeled along the old Allis Chalmers G that was originally designed for homesteads of no more than 40 acres. Baby boomer farming (or farming under 20 acres) is also a market for this up-and-coming business.
  2. The agrarian imperative says something like this: “I have to hold onto the family farm, no matter the cost.” We don’t want to let our ancestors down. But the challenges are monumental in scope – global in scope, and some farmers have never felt more powerless. But there are, in fact, distinctive, proactive steps that go a long way to alleviate the issues. And resources are available.
  3. While we work every day for the ever bigger and ever better blessings we’re sure must await us, how humbling it is to realize the details of God’s hand in our everyday lives – from “the four-wheeler that runs and a kid horse that doesn’t,” or “the colt that bucked when you were 25 and the one that doesn’t when you’re 45.” God’s tender mercies are given to us, no matter how undeserving we may be.

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