[Podcast] Why Ag Proud – Idaho?

Season 1, Episode 1

Progressive Publishing is the company who produces Ag Proud – Idaho magazine. It is (and has always been) Idahoan, and is based in Jerome. We started over 30 years ago with a newsletter for local dairies and eventually went national with our coverage specific to the dairy, beef and forage industries.

But all the while, we looked out the windows of our offices in Idaho and saw our neighbors growing pintos, sugarbeets, russets, wheat and barley, apples, carrots and a mosaic of other crops – and realized we should be taking care of business at home. That’s what Ag Proud is about.

We know you’re busy, and the list of things to get done every day gets longer and longer; you have limited time to read most of your mail or even a fifth of your emails. That’s why we wanted to offer an audio version of the magazine – taking the best articles and recording them for when you have some “windshield time” or down time. We promise to deliver articles, information, markets and features all sifted specifically for Idahoans – to support you, your family and your business.

Stay tuned for more episodes centered on family, farming and livestock in Idaho. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

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