A story according to Rolf Flake: A horse thief was arrested. He had a good lawyer and was found not guilty. “Does this mean,” he asked the judge, “that I get to keep the horse?”

There has been a mass of protest parades and rallies against pending anti-immigration legislation. Does this mean the protesters are really pro-illegal immigration, and if so, are they really anti-legal immigration? And is it only pro-Mexican illegal immigration or does it include Pakistanis, Laotians, El Salvadorians and Netherlanders?

Should all the East Indians and Chinese that are going to graduate school in the United States burn their green cards and get amnesty? And do the Cubans even matter? And should Anglo school children be given detention or class credit for cutting school to protest?

Regarding New Orleans, should we be rebuilding homes in an area that no sane insurance company would consider selling coverage? Or is it all a gamble like the people rebuilding, replanting and forgetting that they live in tornado alley or squat on the middle of the San Andreas Fault?

If you oppose the Iraqi invasion, is it appropriate for you to display “Free Saddam” bumper stickers?


In arid desert parts of the country, is it the right thing to do to plant golf courses?

Do we drill a hole in the Arctic tundra for oil because gas is over $3 per gallon or do we preserve the tundra’s natural beauty by applying the “Not-in-my-backyard” reasoning?

In India, it is illegal for doctors to reveal the sex of an unborn fetus to the parents because if the sex is known, the females are often aborted. Where should pro-choice advocates stand on this issue? 

How much is too much? $4.00 for gas? Brokeback Mountain? The feigned indignity and horror over post-Saddam Abu Grab, when you can still see blood and gore on the walls from when it was a real torture chamber? The Bush dynasty? The Clinton dynasty? Rush Limbaugh? Michael Moore? Fruit Roll-ups? $5.00 for a bottle of water? And finally, the continuing assumption that commentators and columnists actually know what they’re talking about simply because they are on TV or in print! ANM

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