Veterinarian Lance Fox climbed Mount Everest to honor an inspiration he had while staying at the hospital with his premature son. Fox, whose father died at age 36, was already well aware of the fragility of life and his newborn son’s hospital stay only re-enforced his resolution to live life to the fullest. Nearly nine years later, on May 21, 2009, Fox watched the sun rise from a spot 28,500 feet up Mount Everest.

He reached the summit a few hours later. Accompanying Fox to the summit was a team of 58, including climbers, sherpas and a film crew from Discovery Channel.

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Fox has published a book about his climbing experience, titled No Place but UP!, which he categorizes as a “memoir+inspirational adventure.”


The book is currently sold through
and will soon be available in e-book format. PD

—Information provided by Lance Fox