Senior director of communications and brand managementForemost Farms USA Why is measuring and communicating sustainability important?

BEHR: Our members have a history of employing sustainable practices as a component of successful farm management. But, increasingly, our customers are evaluating the sustainability of their supply chain.

In addition, measuring sustainability efforts can provide real business benefits because it reveals which resources are being used most efficiently and most cost-effectively and where opportunities exist.

What is the value of the Stewardship and Sustainability Guide to dairy farmers?

Stewardship and sustainability

BEHR: The guide provides a standard system so we are all measuring and communicating against the same sustainability indicators to the vast array of customers we all serve. Aligning with the same indicators is essential to remaining competitive.

Why was Foremost Farms a participant in the development process?

BEHR: We want to remain a viable supplier, and today that includes communicating our sustainability progress in a transparent and credible manner. The guide helps our farmer-owners communicate what they are doing to be sustainable.


What are the benefits of industry collaboration through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy?

BEHR: By working together, we can more effectively build continued consumer trust and confidence in dairy foods. And because we have built our goals on scientific research, we have credibility among the buyers of our products.

We also learn best practices from each other and apply those learnings to improve our individual businesses.  PD

The Stewsardship and Sustainability Guide for U.S. Dairy, which was originally published in 2013, provides dairy co-operatives and other businesses a standardized way to assess, communicate and celebrate dairy’s longstanding sustainability story to buyers and stakeholders.