For the fourth year in a row, leaders in the dairy industry will gather in Lexington, Kentucky from Dec. 6-8, for Alltech’s Global Dairy 500. In 2011, the Global 500 will move into uncharted territory, venturing into a world of opportunities and challenges, and exploring the dairy industries' future landscape.

The agenda this year packs in everything the progressive dairy producer needs to know about the future of the dairy industry, from communicating the message to consumers, to engaging the next generation of dairy farmers. Highlights from the Global Dairy 500 program are as follows:

• 32,000 Liters of Milk: A reality or an unachievable target? – Karl Dawson, Alltech
• No Recovery: The critical aspects of calf rearing – Sam Leadley, Attica Veterinary Associates
• What Can a Multinational Expect from Dairy Farmers to Secure Future Needs? – Paul Gartner, Milk Upstream/Groupe Danone
• From Farm to Spoon – Why I could not wait to start my ice cream business – Carl Chaney, Chaney's Dairy Barn
• Discovering the Power of Influence – Interacting with your marketplace through Social Media – Troy and Stacy Hadrick, Advocates of Agriculture

There will also be a special roundtable discussion between delegates following the seminars entitled “Roadmaps to the Future of the Dairy Industry.”

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—From Alltech news release