Precision Diagnostics LLC, based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, will be hosting an embryo transfer school October 18-20. The training will take place at Red Knob Farm in Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania. For more information about the program, contact Doug Speicher at (717) 443-4662 or visit the website at The three-day course provides intense, hands-on training about embryo placement and specifics related to handling, paperwork and equipment involved in embryo transfer.

A 2010 article for Progressive Dairyman written by J.C. Remsburg describes the course in depth. Read below for an excerpt from that article, or click here to read it in its enterity.

"The first day of the course was focused on learning about the benefits to embryo placement, bovine anatomy and physiology, palpating corpus luteums or follicles on the ovary, and the prerequisites for recipient cattle. The students also palpated open cows and pass E.T. guns in the afternoon.

The second day of the course was devoted to handling frozen embryos and the equipment used for placement. Course participants practiced safely pulling frozen embryos and loading the E.T. Gun. Two instructors then guided students in the afternoon on live cattle.


Day three was focused on understanding genetics of embryos, how to complete the necessary paperwork needed and how to get embryos. Finally, students practiced the full E.T. procedure on live cows." PD