Three HERd Management contributors share how they are honoring June Dairy Month this year.

Krista Stauffer, Addy, Washington
“Each June, we celebrate another year as a first-generation dairy farm. This year, it will be six years since we shipped our first tank of milk.”

Morgan Kliebenstein, Darlington, Wisconsin
“I enjoy helping out and participating in local dairy promotion events during Dairy Month. The first weekend is always spent volunteering at the Cows on the Concourse event at the Dane County Farmers Market [in Madison, Wisconsin]. It's a truly amazing event that gets locals face-to-face with dairy cows and calves, and welcomes the community to come and learn and participate in many great activities. After that, there's always our local dairy breakfast to help out with, which is another great opportunity to meet with the public and help tell our dairy story.”

Brenda Hastings, Burton, Ohio
Hastings’ sons, Garrett (12) and Jack (9), educate farm visitors.

“I’m proud to promote dairy because dairy farmers work so hard. They do it all – dealing with equipment breaking, cattle injuries, bad weather and many other things every day. I love eating cheese and drinking milk. I think everyone should enjoy dairy products because they are so good!”


—Garrett Hastings, Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club officer and Hastings Dairy tour assistant

“I like being around animals and showing other kids our farm.”

—Jack Hastings, Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club member, farm cat caretaker and dairy tour assistant

Garrett Hastings provides information during dairy tour

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PHOTO 1: Jack Hastings shows kids a milking machine as they tour his family's farm.

PHOTO 2: Garrett Hastings provides information to visitors during a wagon ride around Hastings Dairy. Photos by Brenda Hastings.