Jamesway Farm Equipment introduced a radical new design of Lagoon Pump. The patented Pumpeller hybrid turbine takes much less time and fuel to agitate the toughest lagoons without the need for a gearbox.

The output of the hybrid turbine does two jobs. First, the turbine core pushes manure into the impeller blades, in effect supercharging the pump capacity, which is very noticeable in thicker material.

Secondly, the rest of the turbine output is vented through the pump housing to move processed manure away from the pump.

The huge throughput of the turbine produces incredible intake suction that pulls solids into the cutter knives, chopping up the largest rafts of solids in seconds.

The Pumpeller hybrid lagoon pump uses the proven ultra-pump chassis, with trailer models up to 62 feet and 3-PH mount models up to 25 feet. PD


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