To start, the new chisel plow provides better soil-breaking and leveling performance, especially in rocky or wet field conditions. It’s built to handle tough soils and heavy crop residue while providing operators more control of tillage depth and seedbed finish across a wide range of field conditions.

In addition to single-point depth adjustments, the TruSet system gives operators on-the-go, in-cab shank depth control in 1/10-inch (.254 mm) increments across the entire width of the chisel plow and nutrient applicator as they work across the field. On the chisel plow, TruSet provides up to 900 psi (6205 kPa) down-pressure control of rolling baskets as soil conditions change. Operators have up to four settings that can be customized for common field conditions, or they can make setting adjustments as needed.

In addition, the chisel plow comes with hardened-steel, knife-edge rolling baskets to effectively handle rocky fields and internal basket scrapers that prevent baskets from plugging under wet conditions. These active-hydraulic rolling baskets provide optimal field preparation for maximum soil firming, clod breakup and seedbed leveling. The rear hitch has been designed on both the chisel plow and nutrient applicator to enable operators to utilize additional tow-behind attachments, including anhydrous ammonia tanks.

The chisel plow is available in many sizes and configurations, depending on customer preference. This includes rigid frame models with 11.67- to 17.33-foot (3.56 to 5.28 m) working widths; drawn rigid fold models with working widths from 17.5 to 20.5 feet (5.3 to 6.25 m); three-section drawn flex C-shank models with working widths from 21.83 feet to 43 feet (6.65 to 13.1 m); and five-section drawn flex C-shank models with operating widths from 44 feet to 63 feet (13.4 to 19.2 m).

John Deere sprayer

New R4044 Sprayer joins John Deere self-propelled applicator line

John Deere now offers a lightweight, 1,200-gallon (4,542 L) capacity sprayer. The new R4044 Sprayer joins the company’s 4-Series Sprayer family, filling the niche for a lighter weight, high-tech, high-capacity machine that gets into the field sooner and keeps working longer.


The new sprayer is 9 percent lighter than the R4045 Sprayer, with a more balanced power-to-weight ratio, thanks to 325 engine hp from a 9.0 L PowerTech engine. This allows operators to maintain speed under load as terrain changes and results in more accurate applications and greater productivity. Plus, it features the latest integrated technology, including ExactApply, AutoTrac Vision and a 4600 CommandCenter display.

In addition to the 1,200-gallon (4,542 L) solution tank, the new sprayer features VF tires for superior traction and reduced soil impact, and steel booms up to 120 feet in width. Customers have the option of carbon fiber booms in 120-foot (36.57 m) and 132-foot (40.23 m) widths for additional machine weight reduction and increased productivity. A 200-cubic-foot (5.66 cbm) drybox option is also available for dry fertilizer applications.

This new sprayer also incorporates the latest guidance technologies, including AutoTrac Vision and AutoTrac RowSense that improve application accuracy and reduce crop damage and operator fatigue.

The ExactApply nozzle control system is another popular technology that improves sprayer performance. It allows the sprayer to maintain consistent droplet size and pattern through a wide range of speeds, while reducing the potential for overlaps, skips and drift.

G4 Stalk Stomper graphic

May Wes introduces new G4 Stalk Stomper

May Wes, a manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket poly agricultural equipment, introduces the new G4 Stalk Stomper for more efficient and effective stalk leveling.

Based on farmer feedback, the G4 Stalk Stomper features a simplified and space-saving torsion design that eliminates the spring, chain, pivot bolt and other bulky features found in most stalk stompers, making it much easier for one person to install, remove and reposition for transport or storage.

The new stalk stomper is much more compact with an 11.5-inch shorter profile than previous models, providing more clearance for track combines and hassle-free storage and transport on folding corn heads. The company widened the G4’s shoe to 12 inches for optimal stalk leveling and reduced its weight by 25 percent.

Manufactured from 1/2-inch thick, durable UHMW poly instead of steel, its shoe easily glides across the field and features a raised tail to prevent accidental reverse damage.

Stalk stompers flatten the stalks at ground level, eliminating downtime for tire or track repairs or replacement due to stubble damage, while also aiding in decomposition.

A1 Mist Sprayers Cobra

A1 Mist Sprayers presents the Cobra

A1 Mist Sprayers has added depth to its mist sprayer lineup with the introduction of the Cobra.

The Cobra comes standard with a 40-gallon tank, 11 hp electric-start GX Series Honda engine and a side-mounted safety control center, including a back flush system that allows a switch from herbicides to insecticides or just the changing of chemicals. This unit is capable of a 60-foot vertical and 90-foot horizontal throw with a 270-degree fan rotation.

A key feature of the sprayer is the ability to fit in the back of most UTVs, with the tailgate up. Other features include:

  • Four-roller, cast iron pump (belt-driven)
  • Heavy-duty, 10-gauge steel frame
  • 13-inch commercial-grade fan with safety rings
  • Hand gun kit with 10 feet of hose
  • Two-nozzle cannon volute
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote (seven functions)

BPX9010 bale processor

Vermeer introduces new bale processor

Today’s cattle producers need more from a bale processor – simplicity, durability and versatility. Vermeer took this list of needs and created the next step in their processor evolution with the new BPX9010 bale processor.

This all-around bale processor is designed for a variety of applications, including distributing a consistent, uniform windrow in the pasture or bunk line, and spreading bedding with consistency at ranges up to 50 feet (15.2 m).

The durable bale processor is designed with a direct drive system for less maintenance. An optional straight forks and powered sidewall kit gives producers the versatility to process bales both round and square. Additionally, the proven slat and chain bale rotation design allows bales to feed consistently into the rotor without the need for reverse rotation. The enhanced tub profile paired with tool-less cut-control bars allow for more consistent feeding of bales with various shapes and moisture. And the redesigned discharge chute helps improves crop flow.

John Deere bale app

John Deere Bale Mobile app connects data to individual bales

John Deere introduces its Bale Mobile app to help hay and forage producers get detailed information, improve efficiency, identify bale characteristics and track yields to make decision-making easier.

Using this app, producers can capture yield and other relevant data for hay. When used in conjunction with a John Deere 1 Series Large Square Baler (L331 or L341 model), equipped with optional moisture and weight sensors, the new app processes moisture and weight data into useable information for baling, loading and overall farm management.

Individual bale moisture and weight are tagged to each specific bale (geo-referenced within the app) for improved traceability. Operators can also digitally tag specific bales with additional notes in the app, which are useful for sorting and enable them to make better, informed, on-the-go decisions.

After an operator is finished baling the field, a summary provides crop tonnage, number of bales and average moisture readings. Whether a producer is loading trucks or moving bales, this app provides agronomic data for them to plan accordingly.

For commercial hay operations, the app also makes it possible for producers to remotely view real-time bale weight and moisture readings for each round baler that’s operating in the field, simply by using an iPad or tablet computer.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of John Deere, May Wes, A1 Mist Sprayers and Vermeer.