In the world of dairy farming, the pursuit of excellence never stops. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Milkway Meadow Fescue – a game-changing forage blend that promises to revolutionize your dairy operation. Packed with powerful attributes, Milkway is your key to unlocking effective fiber, high energy and the highest-quality perennial forage.

Milkway Meadow Fescue is more than just feed – it's a strategic investment in your herd's well-being. Boasting effective fiber, this blend ensures your livestock receive the nutrients they need for peak performance. Experience a surge in butterfat and milk yield as Milkway's exceptional high-energy content empowers your cows to reach their full potential.

Crafted with precision, Milkway combines the strengths of late-maturing soft-leaf tall fescues and meadow fescue varieties. This blend performs admirably as a standalone hay crop, showcasing its versatility. But its true magic happens when paired with alfalfa, forming an exceptional partnership that enriches your pastures and diversifies your livestock's diet.

Milkway's groundbreaking formula doesn't stop there. The fusion of high-yielding meadow fescues with incredibly digestible soft-leaf tall fescues results in an unprecedented level of NDFd – the measure of fiber digestibility. Experience a marked improvement in digestion rate, promoting better nutrient absorption and overall health.

Season after season, Milkway remains steadfast in delivering stable NDF and NDFd levels. This means your herd enjoys consistent, reliable nutrition throughout the year, regardless of the changing conditions.


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