For dairy and beef producers seeking to enhance their livestock's energy intake, the answer lies in HDR Meadow Fescue – a game-changing blend that promises outstanding results. HDR stands for High yielding, Digestible and disease Resistant, embodying a trifecta of qualities essential for superior forage.

At the heart of HDR Meadow Fescue is a commitment to providing high-energy grass that fuels the growth and productivity of your herd. Developed with meticulous care, HDR varieties have been selected for their remarkable traits: high yields, optimal digestibility and energy-rich content. By incorporating HDR Meadow Fescue into your feed program, you're setting the stage for healthier, more vibrant livestock.

The unparalleled disease resistance of HDR Meadow Fescue sets it apart as an industry leader. This blend comprises the most robust disease-resistant meadow fescue varieties available, safeguarding your investment and ensuring your pastures remain healthy and productive. The quick establishment of these varieties means you can enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later.

HDR Meadow Fescue isn't just a standalone solution – it's a versatile team player. This blend forms an ideal partnership with alfalfa, red clover and white clover, enriching your pastures and diversifying your livestock's diet for optimum well-being.

Dairy and beef producers are witnessing a transformation in their operations with HDR Meadow Fescue. As a testament to its exceptional qualities, HDR offers a triple-threat approach: outstanding yields, superior digestibility and unwavering disease resistance. Elevate your livestock nutrition, foster growth, and set new standards for performance with HDR Meadow Fescue.


Invest in the future of your livestock and pastures – choose HDR Meadow Fescue today for a healthier, more prosperous tomorrow. Your livestock will thank you.

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