Additionally, it minimizes the oxygen transmission rate by a factor of six to 10 times compared with basic silage covers. Polydress O2 Barrier 2-in-1 comes as one sheet, meaning that installation will only require one trip over the pile.

Once applied to the pit/pile, the moisture from the forage causes separation of the thinner poly amide layer, which then sucks down to the surface of the pit while the oxygen is utilized in fermentation.

The outer layer continues to act as the protective cover, protecting the pit while the oxygen barrier dramatically lowers the amount of oxygen capable of penetrating through to the forage surface.  

The longer the silage is in storage, the more dramatic the advantage tends to be on performance and silage quality (in comparing silage protected by 2-in-1 and just using standard sheeting).  FG

—From PolyExcel news release


Photos courtesy of PolyExcel.