The purpose of this meeting was to ensure that all materials had been provided to the proper authorities.

The work that had been done up to this point by Taylor Stack and others was referenced by the committee and it was found that the materials presented up to this point warranted the reforming of a drafting committee. This action will set in motion the formation of a team to evaluate all the information and materials needed to create a commodity-specific rule for hay and alfalfa. This committee will be formed to expressly deal with the current needs of hay and straw haulers, so it is anticipated there will be rapid action taken to deal with the matters at hand.

Through the course of discussions at the March workshop, the specific nature of hay and straw bales and the friction they create between themselves and the bed of the truck was noted. Under all tests, the hay and straw meet or exceed all current safety guidelines when secured with longitudinal ropes and v-boards. This information was finally accepted with the tests conducted by the Oregon Department of Transportation and others who had supplied working documents as to the long-tested safety of past hay securement measures.

With this, it appears that the drafting committee will be formed in short order. In addition, work has begun to create a Temporary Enforcement Memorandum which should bring with it needed changes for hay and straw haulers until a permanent solution can be reached.

Progressive Hay Grower will continue to follow this issue. As new information becomes available to us, we will be sure to pass it on.  FG


Darren Olsen
Progressive Forage Grower