On thisProgressive Dairypodcast, Peggy Coffeen catches up with Dr. Marissa Hake, a veterinarian who has embraced transparency and authenticity to build an Instagram following of more than 55,000 people. Learn how her lifelong ambition to be a vet, combined with her creative side, have forged the path for her mission to bridge the farm-to-consumer relationship.

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Season 4, Episode 20


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Becoming the “Calf Vet” [~1:30]
  • The pivot point when her social media platform started to take off [~9:30]
  • The biggest challenges ahead for animal agriculture [~16:00]
  • How becoming a mom to two little farmers has influenced her person [~24:00]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~28:30]


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