Name: Mindi Freed
City, state: Timberville, Virginia
Reign year: 2021-22

Summary of yourself and your ag/dairy background:

I am a first-generation college student at Virginia Tech studying dairy science. Before college, I found my love for the Virginia dairy industry through my work at Ridge View Dairy LLC in Quicksburg, Virginia. I also enjoyed participating in 4-H and FFA in high school and now continue my collegiate extracurricular learning in agriculture through Block and Bridle, Dairy Club and Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers.

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Editor / Progressive Dairy

How your reign started:

I was honored to have lots of support for the 2020 Dairy Princess Pageant from my family and community. The other contestant was very supportive as well and an amazing candidate for the title. I was beyond excited to work with her and the amazing crew of maids that were also crowned.

Your promotion activities over the past year:

These past two years have been quite unique, but I did all I could to promote the dairy industry. I was able to work with other princesses from across the country to create videos to reach out to people about the dairy industry. I also was able to represent the program at select outdoor events such as parades, cattle shows and volunteer events.

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Specific promotion activity you are most proud of from your reign: 

During my time as the Virginia Dairy Princess, I participated in a national milk toast video with around 25 other dairy princesses. We created this video to show consumers and farmers how even in rough times, the dairy industry is still a nationwide and welcoming community that is dedicated to producing dairy products for the world.

What you think it takes to be successful at promoting dairy:

To be successful at promoting the dairy industry, you must be genuine. By being genuine and stating the truth and showing personal experiences in the dairy industry, you can show people the truth of day-to-day life as a farmer. Being genuine is also important to yourself, as there is no one better to show your unique story.  end mark


PHOTO: Mindi Freed presents to students how agriculture products are processed and why farming matters. Photos provided by Mindi Freed.