On this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Peggy Coffeen welcomes Emily Shaw, the founder of Dairy Girl Fitness. Hear how this social media influencer turned her love for dairy and health into an online coaching business and a platform for dairy nutrition.
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Coffeen is a former editor and podcast host with Progressive Dairy. 

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Season 4, Episode 10


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • The girl behind @dairygirlfitness [01:15}
  • How she handles the “haters” [06:20]
  • Making fitness into an online business [8:11]
  • Where Emily finds her inspiration [10:54]
  • Tips for making realistic changes for a healthier lifestyle [18:58]
  • What’s next for Dairy Girl Fitness? [29:24]
  • Rapid fire questions [32:35]



“I want to show that taking care of your health doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated … and to take the fear away from consuming animal products and the practices within animal ag and dairy.” 



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