This episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast includes a recap of the recent ground-breaking work that Editor Walt Cooley has done. He has collaborated with the IFCN Dairy Network to create the first-ever dairy farm tech poster. That poster is a collection of worldwide companies who are developing or deploying technology on dairy farms throughout the globe.

Download a PDF of the poster here

Walt’s guest is Torsten Hemme, founder and CEO of the IFCN Dairy Network. They talk about how the poster came to be, the amount of dairy farm technology investment flowing into the dairy industry and the innovations that dairy farmers will need to become more efficient, sustainable and ultimately profitable into the future.  

Season 5, Episode 5


Here is a breakdown of the episode:


What is the IFCN Dairy Network? [~1:45]

What is most impressive to you about milk economics around the world? [~3:45]

What is the dairy farm tech poster? [~5:00]

Are people really interested in dairy farm tech? [~8:30]

Where are dairy farm tech companies located? [~10:30]

How much money is being invested in dairy farm tech? [~12:45]

The dairy industry is bigger than Apple and Google combined? [~14:00]

How are dairy farm tech companies categorized? [~15:15]

What will be the core topic for the coming decade in dairy tech? [~20:00]

How are current events impacting dairy technology advancement? [~23:00]

Where are milk prices going globally? [~24:15]

Rapid-fire questions [~28:00]

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