In this episode, the experts from Central Life Sciences discuss ClariFly® Larvicide and the importance of fly control on dairy operations including biosecurity and employee retention (1:03), the threats of flies and the diseases they spread (3:33), fly audits on a dairy operation (7:11) and the importance of implementing an integrated pest management program (8:46).

Season 5, Episode 15

This episode is sponsored by Central Life Sciences.


ClariFly® Larvicide protects from disease-carrying flies that feed on dairy cattle, including house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies. Adding this feed-through as part of an IPM program can have a major impact on dairy cattle productivity. As a feed additive, ClariFly® Larvicide is incorporated into an animal’s feed to stop flies in their larval stage. Adding this ingredient to their feed ration is all the work an employee needs to do to reduce disease-carrying fly populations on an operation.

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