In this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Jenn Coyne visits with Alice Crothers of Long Green Farms in Maryland. Crothers is a member of the Holstein Foundation’s Young Dairy Leaders Institute Class 12 where she spent the last two years welcoming opportunities that allowed for personal and professional growth. That progress pushed Crothers to be a greater leader in her community and be a true advocate for her family’s farm and the larger dairy indusry. Along with her YDLI involvement, Crothers and her husband, Caleb, were recognized as Maryland’s Leopold Conservation Award recipients for their dedication to sustainability of farming in their community.

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Season 5, Episode 18

Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • What first intrigued you about the Holstein Foundation’s YDLI program? [~1:20]
  • What did you hope to achieve at the end of this two-year program? [~1:50]
  • How have you seen yourself grown personally and professionally with this program? [~2:17]
  • Tell us about your farm, and how you became involved in the industry. [~3:09]
  • What do you hope to achieve as stewards of the land and being committed to serving your community? [~6:24] 
  • In what ways are you and your family dairy farming with sustainability in mind? [~8:39] 
  • How does being recognized as Maryland’s Leopold Conservation Award recipient reflect your efforts for your farm and greater community? [~10:38]
  • In what ways are you and your family able to share your story of conservation? [~11:16]
  • What’s next for the Crothers family? [~13:35]
  • Rapid fire questions. [~14:57]

Contact Alice Crothers:

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