The following excerpt is from Val Wagner’s blog. Wagner farms with her husband and four young sons in North Dakota. I’ve heard a lot of talk about the #OccupyOurFoodSupply movement. I read a lot of articles on the downfall of our modern agriculture practices, the need to “get back to the basics,” and the need to reconnect to our food supply. So I thought that instead of blaming some unknown enemy for placing my farm in a bad light, or blaming consumers for not taking the initiative to actually visit where their food comes from, I would show you, just as I have for the last year and a half.

Meet the corporate head:

Mark Wagner

His name is Mark…and we’ve been married just about 11 years.

He eats, sleeps and breathes this farm and this land.

There is not a thing that he would ever do that would jeopardize it for the future.


Not for his satisfaction, though.

No, he has a contract with a group that has his number… and he doesn’t like the consequences of messing that up.

Here, meet them:

Wagner boys

A pretty rough looking bunch, eh? PD

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