Kustom Cooling, LLC has released the 60 GPM Hydraulic Reversing Fan System, intended for applications that utilize a hydraulic motor to cool the radiator. The system eliminates the need to stop work in order to manually clean the cooling cores of equipment. The reversing fan system has been available in a 25 GPM system and successfully operating in various agricultural, forestry, refuse and construction applications for the past few years. The system is ideal for applications that have issues related to clogged radiators as a result of high amounts of airborne debris.

The 60 GPM Hydraulic Fan System can be used in larger pieces of equipment such as dozers and chippers.

Rather than replace the machine's OEM cooling fan, the Kustom Hydraulic Reversing Fan System works in conjunction with the OEM system to take over control. This is accomplished with the use of the Hydraulic Manifold and the Hydraulic Control Module.

The Kustom Manifold provides a distribution point that controls the direction and flow of hydraulic fluid to the fan motor. The Kustom Control Module processes a variety of inputs to allow for fan reversal for debris removal, variable speed to conserve fuel, and set points for fan turn on.

In order for equipment to do its work continuously and effectively, clean efficient air exchange is a necessity. Not only will it extend the life of the fan motor and other components but it also optimizes the overall efficiency of the equipment.


There is no machine to which the Kustom Cooling Hydraulic Reversing System cannot be applied. If there is a hydraulic motor that pushes the engine cooling fan, the Kustom Cooling system can be used to take over control of the motor.

There are provisions built into the control module that allow for a soft start and stop prior to allowing the fan to reverse direction. The system has been engineered over the last five years to solve an issue that customers working in environments of high debris experience on a daily basis. PD

—From Kustom Cooling, LLC news release