Green Bay, Wisconsin, served as the location for the first Vita Plus Calf Summit, held June 19-21. On the first day, attendees toured two progressive calf operations –Pagel’s Ponderosa Calf Ranch and Dairy Dreams LLC. The two-day conference portion of the event featured 13 presentations, two of which were wet lab presentations from Dr. Sheila McGuirk and Dr. Max Thornsberry. special guest was former Green Bay Packers player LeRoy Butler.  PD

Gwin emily
Former Editor / Progressive Dairy

TOP RIGHT: Located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy has about 4,250 milking cows. The nearby calf ranch houses youngstock in individual pens within a barn.

Dairy Dreams LLC

LEFT: At Dairy Dreams LLC, attention to detail is vital, particularly when it comes to calf care. The dairy only lost two calves in the last year.

Dave Kuehnel

RIGHT: Milk Products LLC President Dave Kuehnel explains to attendees the exciting prospects of whey ingredients in today’s dairy markets.

Group hutches

LEFT: When calves are weaned at Dairy Dreams LLC, they are moved to group hutches of eight calves per pen. The pens are bedded with biosolids.



RIGHT: Pagel’s Calf Ranch employs six full-time people to ensure optimal calf rearing.

Maternity pens

LEFT: Dr. Don Niles, co-owner and manager of Dairy Dreams LLC, believes an efficient calf care protocol begins with proper management
of the maternity pens.

Photos courtesy of Vita Plus Intern Tony Meyer & PD Editor Emily Caldwell