Earlier this month, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the appointment of 12 dairy members to the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. Appointees’ terms were to begin immediately and will end Oct. 31, 2014. "These appointees represent a cross section of the dairy industry and I am confident that the industry will be well served by them," said Vilsack.

Newly appointed members are:
  • Kima L. Simonson, Washington (Region 1)
  • Lynda S. Foster, Kansas (Region 4)
  • John R. Howerton, Arkansas (Region 4)
  • Amber L. Horn-Leiterman, Wisconsin (Region 6)
  • Larry R. Shover, Iowa (Region 7)
  • Julie A. Veldhuis Lund, Idaho (Region 8)
  • Urban A. Mescher, Ohio (Region 9)
  • Celeste Y. Deaderick Blackburn, Tennessee (Region 10)
  • Harold J. Howrigan, Jr., Vermont (Region 12)

Reappointed to serve second terms were: Ronald E. Shelton, Colorado (Region 3); Kenton W. Holle, North Dakota (Region 5); and Sharon K. Laubscher, Wisconsin (Region 6).

The Dairy Board was established under the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983, as amended, to develop and administer a coordinated program of promotion, research and nutrition education. The 38-member Dairy Board is authorized to design programs to strengthen the dairy industry’s position in domestic and foreign markets.

The program is financed by a mandatory 15-cent per hundredweight assessment on all milk marketed commercially and a 7.5-cent per hundredweight assessment, or equivalent thereof, on milk and dairy products imported into the U.S.


The Secretary selected the appointees from nominations submitted by eligible producer organizations, general farm organizations, and qualified dairy products promotion, research or nutrition education programs.

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service monitors the operation of the Dairy Board. PD

—From USDA Agricultural Marketing Service news release