When it comes to agricultural license plates,it’s tough to beat Wisconsin’s standard plate slogan,“America’s Dairyland.”

Many other states, however,offer special-interest agriculture license plates. Artistryis on display whether it is the wood slats of Arizona’sagriculture plate or the patriotic colors of Idaho’s.A different take on the windmill theme is found onMontana’s, Oklahoma’s and New Mexico’s.

Click here or on the image to see closeups of these license plates from the "In Focus" section of the June11, 2012 issue of Progressive Dairyman magazine.

The purchase of these license plates is seen as aninvestment in the state’s agricultural trade.

California’s,for instance, directly supports youth agricultureprograms that have an established record of success,as well as youth leadership development. Florida’s“Ag Tag” is used to help fund Florida Agriculture inthe Classroom, a program designed to teach Florida’sfuture consumers and leaders about the importanceof the Florida agricultural industry. And Michigan’sAgricultural Heritage plate supports agricultureeducation programs for kids from kindergarten throughhigh school.


Agriculture plays an important role in feedingpeople and maintaining the land. It’s good to seestates provide colorful avenues tohelp fund programsand support to our vitalindustry. PD