Veterinarian Donald E. Sanders of Urbana, Illinois, an expert in dairy herd health and management, has released his ninth book, Raising Replacement Heifers – Doc’s Way. This practical guide is written for farm managers, including those who want to raise healthier heifers to rotate into their own milking herds, those who want to start raising heifers to sell to other dairies, and those who want to boost the profitability of their operations.

Sanders says, “I wrote this book as a ‘birth to birth’ guide to raising heifers. By that, I mean it serves as a reference for raising a healthy heifer calf from her own birth to birthing a healthy calf of her own.”

The new book is available online through Vaca Resources.

Through his previous eight books -- six of them on dairy management -- Dr. Sanders has earned a following as a leading authority in profitable food animal production.

His books are in demand in the U.S., Mexico, Russia and Japan, and the Chinese edition of his popular dairy reference guide, Milk Them for All Their Worth! is now in its second printing.


Raising Replacement Heifers – Doc’s Way covers how to choose good calves, housing, nutrition, diseases and disease management, optimum calf management, heifer grower contracts, calving and much more. Sketches and photos illustrate technical calf management concerns.

A board-certified theriogenologist, a specialist in animal reproduction, Sanders serves as the vice president of the Society for Theriogenology.

As a dairy herd management consultant, he has traveled around the world, written for a variety of agricultural publications, and has shared his knowledge on television programs.

As an associate professor at The Ohio State University’s Large Animal Veterinary Clinic in Marysville, Sanders is preparing the next generation of veterinarians. Previously, he owned and operated a veterinary practice in Urbana with his wife and fellow veterinarian, the late Judy Sanders. PD

—From Vaca Resources news release