Holstein Association USA has commissioned updated images of the ideal U.S. Registered Holstein cow and bull. Renowned dairy artist Bonnie Mohr is painting the images, which will be unveiled at the 2012 National Holstein Convention in Springfield, Missouri, June 27-30. Holstein Association USA President Chuck Worden said, “The last time the ideal U.S. Registered Holstein cow and bull images were updated was in the 1970s.

"We want an image that today’s dairymen will be able to relate to, that reflects the modern, efficient, attractive animal that is the U.S. Registered Holstein. We are delighted to be able to work with Bonnie Mohr to bring this project to life.”

Mohr said, “I am thrilled to have this opportunity! Painting the new True Type Holstein cow and bull is a challenge that I feel I am ready for and I embrace this project whole-heartedly.”

“Holsteins have been a part of my entire life, and you can be assured that I welcome this painting assignment with great passion and excitement. With more than 20 years of painting cows behind me, I guess you could say this is the test I have been preparing for!”

Click here to visit Mohr's blog detailing her progress on the project.


When completed, the originals will hang at 1 Holstein Place in Brattleboro, Vermont, and prints will be made widely available for Holstein enthusiasts. PD

—From Holstein Association USA news release

Bonnie Mohr at work on the new images of the ideal U.S. Registered Holstein cow and bull. Photo courtesy of Holstein Association USA.