The continuous growth of U.S. registered Holsteins is demonstrated by the 373,056 animals registered in 2014. This exceeds the 2013 total by 12,876, or 4 percent. In the last 10 years, Holstein registrations have increased by 79,529 head, or 27 percent.

In addition to the 373,056 animals registered, 248,688 Holsteins were officially identified through the association’s basic ID program, a stepping stone to full registry status. This is an increase of 29,183, or 13 percent, in basic ID totals over 2013. Over the last 10 years, basic ID enrollments have increased by 128,804 animals, or 107 percent.

In summary, the Holstein Association USA officially identified 621,744 animals in 2014, an all-time record!

“Dairy producers continue to harvest the benefits from the copious amounts of high-quality milk the Holstein cow easily produces. Whenever studies on income over feed costs are performed, the most important profitability factor is the total amount of milk, fat and protein produced,” says John Meyer, CEO of Holstein Association USA Inc.

Meyer continues, “Quite simply, more milk, fat and protein mean more money in the dairy producer’s pocket. That’s why the lion’s share of the milk produced in the United States and the world come from Holstein cattle. The numbers speak for themselves.” PD


—From Holstein Association USA Inc. news release