No need to wait until February to find the booth of a dealer, service provider or company you’d like to talk with during World Ag Expo. The show’s online digital show planner is live, updated with vendors coming to this year’s show. Click here to plan ahead. The planner’s most useful tool is the ability to search by product category to locate vendors marketing products in your category of interest at the show. You can also contact those vendors prior to the show to set up a specific time to meet with them.

Progressive Dairyman asked several exhibiting companies to highlight a few of the new ideas that will be on display at the show. Make the most of your time at the show by planning ahead online.


Remote-controlled milk tank
Mueller (Booth DS79-80)
will showcase a full-size working production model of its Sentry ITM milk tank.

The bulk tank is the first and only milk tank to provide remote data communication of milk volumes, milk temperatures, wash temperatures and other critical alarms.

The tank can send these alerts wirelessly via email or text message to mobile devices, such as smartphones.


New self-propelled mower on display
Krone (Booth DS128)
will exhibit its new BiG M 420 self-propelled mower. The new machine uses SCR technology to comply with Tier 4 exhaust emission standards and features a new cab design that is quieter and


one with a less obstructed view.

Antibiotic residue testing kit
Neogen (Dairy Center Booth 6438)
will be exhibiting its newest antibiotic residue quick-test. The test requires five minutes of incubation time and can detect all six beta-lactam class antibiotics, all of which will be under greater FDA scrutiny in 2012.

Two new Lepto vaccines
AgriLabs (Dairy Center Booth 6624)
will be discussing how to managing Lepto in dairy herds and exhibiting its two vaccines – Master Guard 10 and Titanium 5 L5 – recently approved to aid in preventing disease caused by Leptospira borgpetersenii hardjo-bovis .

The company will also be displaying the newest products to join its calf-care solution portfolio, including Colostrx CS with First Defense Technology, Nursemate and Hydra-Lyte.

New milking liner to be unveiled
Co-Pulsation (Dairy Center Booth 6400)
will publicly showcase for the first time its recently developed, patent-pending new milking liner, LinerMaid. The company says the new product will address a common problem in the industry – poor liner attachment.

Large, modern farms’ need for rapid attachment and removal of milking machines often results in poor liner attachment, according to the company. The new liner purports to minimize teat damage from liner attachment and removal.

New enzyme ration additive
Agri-King (Dairy Center Booth 6406-6407)
will display the newly enhanced enzyme combination in its Zym-O-Factors product. The new mix helps break down starches, releasing more energy and making it available to the rumen. The feed additive claims to improve feed efficiency and digestibility.


New hind-leg RFID tag
ITW Agricultural Solutions (Dairy Center Booth 6112)
will be displaying its new hind-leg RFID band – the ITW DairyCUFF – at the show. The tamperproof band is adjustable for use as early age identification and continuing throughout an animal’s productive lifespan.

The company claims that by placing an RFID-enabled identification tag or band around a back leg, herd management will be improved or simplified, since most herd checks are performed from the rear of the animal. PD