World Ag Expo recently released its 2012 version of the World Ag Expo app available in the Apple iTunes or App Store, Blackberry App World and Android Market. This app puts important information about World Ag Expo in the palm of your hand for easy access before, during and after the show. 1. Once launched, you are at the “Dashboard.” Here you will find links to the different areas of the app including: My Schedule, Exhibitors, Maps, Events, Speakers, Twitter and Downloads.

My Schedule

You can use this handy planner to make a list of times to meet with exhibitors, attend seminar events


you are interested in or schedule time for that Tri-tip steak sandwich everyone is talking about.

When you bookmark any “Events,” they will automatically appear here at the appropriate times.


You can also add custom items with the + button in the top-right corner of the app.

2. Exhibitors

All of the World Ag Expo Exhibitors can be found in this section.

Browse them either by alphabetical order, by category or by their booth location. You will be presented with a list of categories or buildings to help refine your search.

Once you find a particular exhibitor you are looking for, simply press on their name and you will see their website (if available), phone, fax, and any brochures or materials they have to offer.

You can also bookmark the exhibitor, mark them as visited, locate them on the expo map, make a note or schedule an appointment on your “My Schedule.”


If an exhibitor has multiple locations, you will be able to see those at the bottom of the screen. Touch each one to see their various locations around the expo grounds.

3. Maps

The World Ag Expo app also contains a complete set of maps for the expo grounds.

You can access exhibitor information by touching their booth and you will be taken to their listing in the “Exhibitors” section of the app.

4. Events and speakers

In the “Events” section of the app, you will find a complete list of the events and seminars planned for the expo.

Select the topic you are interested in, such as “Dairy Seminars,” and you will have a day-by-day list and times for the presentations.


Select a session to read more info about that particular event, make notes, rate the session you have attended, copy the event to your device calendar or see more info about the speaker.

Looking for a specific speaker? You can look for them in the “Speakers” section of the app, in alphabetical order.


This section of the app allows you to quickly see what people are saying about World Ag Expo on Twitter.

Did you see something interesting during the show? Make sure to let everyone else on Twitter know about it using the hashtag #wae12 PD